The Embrace of the Ocean


Welcome on an expedition to discover the extraordinary diversity of life in our oceans. From microscopic, single-celled organisms that form the basis of life on Earth, we travel across the globe, visiting the coral reefs of Indonesia and the tropical waters of Tonga, diving deep into the oceanic night and exploring one of the largest brackish water basins of the planet – the Baltic Sea.

On the way we encounter some of the smallest and largest creatures on the planet. We learn about the origins of life, and of our impact on the planet’s fragile ecosystems.

Marine life is observed through stunning live action footage, microscopic cinematography and immersive visualization of x-ray tomography and four-dimensional scientific data. We use cutting-edge technology to witness the first moments of life – an embryo being formed, on a cellular level.

All life on our planet originates from the ocean and we humans share a common ancestor with every living organism we come across. From the deep ocean to the tropical coral reefs, from single-celled algae to us humans, we all are entangled in a complex, interconnected web of life that encompasses the whole planet.